Covid Protocol Update

Covid Protocol Update
April 22, 2022

Happy Spring everyone!

Thank you for helping us continue to adjust to the ever-changing “new normal”. We have been so happy to see you in person again this past year. We have made a few changes as we begin a phased transition back to “the good ol’ days”.


We removed the parking spot signs and welcome you to come inside without calling first. This includes picking up prescriptions, technician appointments, drop-offs, and doctor appointments.

We are still requiring masks to be worn by all our staff and clients at all times while inside the building. Our rooms are still the same small size and we have had a few individual cases of COVID in our hospital, in addition to flu/cold season running rampant. We want to keep everyone healthy and safe. We made it this far without having to ever shut our doors, but it’s not over quite yet.

We would still prefer one client per patient, but if this is not possible, please let us know beforehand so we can make appropriate room arrangements. If you would prefer to remain curbside, that is ALWAYS an option, and you can call when you arrive in the parking lot.


Currently, we are booking routine appointments about two weeks out in order to accommodate more day-of sick patients. Summer will be here soon, so if you know your pet is going to be due for vaccines, blood work, procedures, etc in the next few months, we are asking you to schedule them now.  For your convenience, you may request an appointment online >

We are still accepting new patients and clients.

Unfortunately, we are booking procedures about three to four months out at this time. We have created additional procedure days, but ask that you schedule soon, especially for spays/neuters.

We do have a cancellation list, so let us know if you would like to be placed on it as well. On that matter, PLEASE let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you need to reschedule or cancel. There are many patients wanting to fill that spot, so please be courteous. 


We strive to get you straight into a room and started on time with your appointment. However, a room may not be available immediately. We ask that you be patient and practice social distancing while in our waiting room. 



At times, all our phone lines may be in use, and we are doing our best to check messages frequently. Please be advised that you may be receiving calls from “blocked numbers” as many of us are using our personal phones for outgoing calls.

You can always email us if you have a question or refill request at (NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!) or submit a refill request on our website>

Thank you all for your support and kind words during this time. It really does keep us going. As a community, we will continue to rise above these challenges and come out closer and better in the end.

Warm wishes,
The Staff of Health and Wellness Animal Hospital